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Business Transition

Recent assignments include working with senior business executives (SEVPs, CEOs and Chairs) who are embracing the challenges associated with changes to their organisational structure and purpose, as well as their roles and responsibilities including business reorganisations, planning, promotions and staff reductions.

I have also worked with newly appointed managers at all levels from ELT to junior supervisor; preparing them mentally and physically to face the challenges their promotion brings and empowering them to succeed.

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Executive Coaching

Good coaching is about achieving a high-performance culture, about focusing on the strengths of a team or individual. A coach works with the coachee as a facilitator helping to raise awareness through analysis and reflection, and therefore enabling the person being coached to formulate their own ideas and solutions. It drives deeper and more lasting behavioural change. Coaching can be used to cover a broad range of issues in a sensitive, professional and confidential manner.

I possess a unique combination of professional experience and knowledge that gives me the wisdom, objectivity and focus needed to effectively coach, mentor and develop managers and staff to excel in today’s business environment

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Deal Clinics

One of my key areas of expertise is working with sales and marketing directors and managers to develop their business models and improve sales performance. I am able to challenge them sufficiently to separate symptoms from underlying causes thereby developing strategies and tactics to address their underlying business issues.

I am a  specialist in leading “deal clinic’s” for clients who are managing high-value, complex sales opportunities in a highly competitive situation where a successful outcome is not a foregone conclusion. I am the facilitator supporting and challenging your sales groups to focus and win complex, high value business opportunities in today’s competitive business environment.

This service draws on over 40 years practical experience gained through successfully securing tens of millions of pounds of business, most of which came from developing new business to business sales opportunities rather than obtaining more revenue from existing clients.

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Coaching Culture

Great coaching does help retain staff and keep them well motivated.

Research has proven that it will give managers a 17% overall performance improvement within six months! Hence the growing demand from forward thinking companies to train staff and managers to coach in the workplace.

During the workshop you will practice coaching on performance, personal development planning and problem solving. We have a fully developed program of training combined with on-going mentoring and supervision of the managers who attended the programs.

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