I am grateful for my coach/mentor relationship with Louis. Building a trusting relationship with Louis was easy and natural. His open and understanding nature is complimented with a true desire to support his clients. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and after our sessions I always have a deeper appreciation of my role as a coach and how I can better approach my craft. He works hard and willingly shares useful resources. By working together he has helped me become better at what I do

Wes Pruet
Owner at HR Advisors

I found our first session very helpful indeed and I came away with some good ideas and perspectives as well as some confirmation that I was on the right track in the areas such as using my intuition. In addition you gently reminded me not to forget to mention the contracting at the beginning of each coaching session and I found that a good reminder.

Your approach was attentive, sensitive but quietly and firmly challenging, which I liked. You allowed me to speak before pausing and offering some insights and in that way I got a clear impression that you were actively and closely listening to me and cared about what I was doing.


Louis’s style and approach is gentle, considered and approachable. From the outset I found Louis to be ‘on side’ which is very empowering for me. He demonstrates his faith in my ability and my practice by speaking to me as an equal. He balances his questioning, mentoring, and directing to theoretical and academic back-up and assistance where appropriate. His degree and continuing education in coaching in a business context has opened up a window on my world of corporate coaching and has enabled me to operate in a far broader spectrum. His position in coaching in ‘the real world’ enables him to offer ‘finger on the pulse’ relevancy to my practice, which is having to cover ground fast to get up to speed.

Louis is flexible in his approach and is happy to jump in wherever I am, which is helpful as I gather my thoughts and momentum. I appreciate the time he takes to find the right words, and the consideration he gives his responses to my questions.


I have just got my first supervisee. You inspired me!


I found your thoughts and questions extremely helpful, as did she and I just wanted to say thanks.


you are the jewel in the crown of coaching


It was indeed a pleasure to learn and unlearn many things in the two day seminar… Thank you for being my coach.


I had a blast in the training. Looking forward to much more training soon.


You were engaging and had had a good understanding of our business, making it very relevant. Looking forward to what day 2 brings.


I just want to say thank you for an excellent session yesterday. Should be mandatory for all sales. Lots of discussion, views and opinions – but I think the guys all left the session feeling this was fruitful.


The last two days were amazing! Thanks for some great tips and your eternal patience.


I don’t have a “sales process” per se BUT I did find your section on WIIFT extremely valuable.

I keep trying to put myself in their shoes and think why they are giving us such a hard time about contracts or the work breakdown etc.

I follow what we discussed – about how some of the gatekeepers like to feel in control and important so I have found that I got excellent results by engaging with them all the time – keeping them informed about anything that affects them and giving them information to make them look good – its working

You were right where certain people need certain types of information.


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